Ich grüße Sie, liebe Kolleginnen und Kollegen des IAN

It has been awhile since I have updated everyone on the state of the Imperial Andermani Navy. Since my appointment to Großadmiral der Flotte in January 2022 many things have changed. Some of these things were discussed in my TownHall I did last fall, but I will mention them again here so that everyone can be informed of what is happening.

I want to start with reminding people of our communication methods. The official means of communication is still through the forums. However, we still use Facebook for announcements and now have a Discord server. You can find me in a chat room 2 or more nights a week (6pm to 9pm eastern time zone) and am always willing to answer questions or just have a conversation. Never hesitate to stop in or send me a message. We also have a new website for IAN stuff. Our goal is to make it a one stop shot for anything an IAN member might need. Links for all of these sites will be listed at the end.

The most exciting thing for me has been the approval of awards by BuNine. There are a total of 24 awards, which follow the awarding descriptions of RMN awards. However, they have a different order and will not take up as much space on the chest as our RMN counterparts. The current downside is finding a reasonable vendor that is willing to make the ribbons. Every couple weeks I spend some time tracking down new leads, but unfortunately nothing yet. But once we find a vendor, we will start making the awards from the bottom up. My goal is to make the awards that everyone has first, so that everyone can start building their IAN ribbon rack.

The next topic is where we can place the awards. We have uniform designs from BuNine. There are directions for building an officer’s service uniform from off the rack items on the website. So far, I have officer uniforms pictures from four members and I have heard of a few more are on the way. The downside is the enlisted uniform. We have not been able to find anything off the rack that will help us build an enlisted uniform. We are currently exploring building a pattern for a seamstress to use or being stuck with using Bandshop. My goal is to have a prototype created in the next month or two. We are diligently working on this and will keep everyone posted. Once we have a plan, the information will be posted to our website for everyone to access.

Enlisted Promotion Board
Marksmanship Program
Reading List and Discussions
Speaking German
Documentation Project
Hull Size
House of Commons
Five Year Plan

In service to the Empire and for the Emperor,

Ritter David Westover
Großadmiral der Flotte, IAN
Kommandant der Andermanischen Marine

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