Five Year Plan

Section 1: Background

On 15 January 2022, David Westover became the Groβadmiral der Flotte, which is the Commander of the IAN branch, and a member of the TRMN Board.  The change of command was earlier than anticipated due to real life issues. It also saw the retirement of the Deputy Commander of the IAN. With this several high-level staff and Fleet members have been or in the process of being replaced. The below 5-year plan, beginning with the 2022–2023-time frame, is the IAN’s first plan of action and proceeds 5 years out. Every year the plan will be reviewed to create a current year plan.

Currently the IAN, as of 01 May 2022, is in a state of reboot. Covid-19 created a number of issues for the organization as a whole, with normal operation being disrupted. Now that conventions are returning, we are working to renew the activity while looking to expand what we do.  Current highpoints are the PAMA school courses and Challenges hosted by the IAN. We have issues with BuNine, Chapter size and name approvals, IAN awards, uniform information, a host of online errors, language bias and minimal fleet activity. All of which we hope to start addressing in the next year or so.

Section 2: IAN Member and Chapter overview

  1. Current Membership 249 Enlisted and 36 Officers for Total of 285 members
  2. Current Active Chapters
    1. Space Station (holding chapter)
    2. 4 Ships in 7th Fleet, (1 SD,2 DD, and 1 LAC)
  3. Current OGAF Staffing:  4 members total (GAF, SNCO, Communications, and Yeoman)
  4. Current 7th Fleet Staffing:  2 members total (FLT CO & XO)

Section 3: Current Issues

  1. Inactivity
    1. Primarily due to Covid, there is very little activity in any Andermani ship.
  2. Cultural Issues
    1. European members are feeling ignored and left out
    2. Misspellings in German rank names and ship names has the german speaking member frustrated
    3. Certain symbolism is troublesome for the German government.  The issue is more nuanced than just anti-Nazi.
  3. Uniform Manual
    1. BuNine has all the necessary information.
    2. They have no plan or interest in releasing this information
  4. Hull Sizes
    1. Currently hull size is capped by BuShips at LC
    2. BuShips blames BuNine for not releasing any other ship names.
    3. A member of BuNine informed me that the names exist and should be accessible by BuShips.
  5. Awards
    1. BuNine has a list of all possible IAN awards with ribbon and artwork.
    2. They have no plan or interest in releasing this information.

Section 4:  5 Year Plan Goals

  1. Membership Participation
    1. Increase current overall membership participation by 20% or 56 members
    2. Increase current convention attendance by 10% or 28 members
    3. Increase current online gaming by 10% or 28 members
    4. Increase current Challenge registrations by 10% or 28 IAN members
    5. Increase current IAN members in Uniform by 10% or 28 members
  2. Fleet Chapters
    1. Increase number of 7th Fleet Chapters by 3
    2. Develop additional IAN chapters, one in every fleet.
    3. Create a path for leadership development within IAN.
    4. Increase good reporting from Chapters, to better understand the events and actions of members to make sure awards and involvement is communicated
    5. Develop a recruiting document for members to use providing different tactics and examples.
  3. Service to the Membership
    1. Develop a Welcome packet with information to new members on how to get the most out of your TRMN experience and other additional FAQs.
    2. Develop translations of PAMA courses, and other important documentation needed for our European partners so that they may feel more inclusive.
    3. Designing and implementing an IAN wiki manual for all IAN members to have the knowledge and tools for IAN and TRMN membership.
  4. Communication
    1. Create new and more open forms of communication
    2. On time reporting of all IAN ships.
    3. Develop a Discord server for general discussion and information
    4. Develop focus groups and surveys within the IAN to understand the needs and goals of the different members.
    5. Regular Reports by staff back to the membership so that everyone can see the “big picture”
  5. Have regularly scheduled video meeting
    1. For Fleet Triads with Fleet staff
    2. For IAN members with the Service staff
  6. Create an unofficial uniform manual
    1. Officer Service Dress
      1. Design all necessary uniform items
      2. Get items in BuSup
    2. Enlisted Service Dress
      1. Design hat pin
      2. Get items in BuSup
    3. Add dress uniforms for both enlisted and officers
    4. Add mess dress uniforms for officers
  7. IAN Awards
    1. If BuNine will not budge
      1. Create new knightley awards
    2. If BuNine opens the information
    3. Work with them to distribute the information
  8. Creation of an IAN Armed Forces Proficiency Badge
    1. Working name:  Space Qualification Badge
    2. Enlisted
      1. 1 specialist course from 5 different schools (100 level)
      2. 1 division course (200 level)
  9. Officer
    1. Deck or Engineering Departmental Course (300 level)
    2. 1 additional department course (300 level)
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