2023 Plan



Courses – complete Officer and Flag Betas

BuTrain Student Manual – start 

New IAN Documents

New CO Manual – start when published – try to get advanced copy

New Membership Manual – start when published – try to get advanced copy

IAN Website –  continually update and expand

plan for german mirror site

TRMN Wiki – finish updates


Send out Welcome Letter

Engage members and find out “What do members want?”            

House of Commons – have 7th fleet represented



Enlisted Review Boards – create standing review board

Marksmanship – quarterly updates



Mentoring – create system to mentor IAN members

Discussion Groups



Staff – decide and hire final staff

Ship Reporting – 100%

Triad Meeting – regularly meet quarterly 

Ship Crests – all ships and station with crests



Drives – Cats and Bears are annual, then add 2 additional

Awards funding – find vendor and start production

Increasing Participation – figure out a way to quantify this



Enlisted Uniforms – Complete and publicize

Create and post on Website:

Retention & Recruiting Guide

Convention Guide

Basic Leadership Doc

New Member Information Doc

5 year plan – update at end of year


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